San Serif vs Serif Fonts and When To Use Them

When you’re building your brand, you’ll need to choose a font for your logo, website, printed materials, etc. It’s important to choose one that you love, and best represents your brand and the image you’d like to portray.

There are two common types of fonts that you can choose from when you’re ready to create your brand. San Serif vs Serif.

A serif font has a decorative stroke found at the end of a character or letter stem. They are also commonly known as the feet of a letter.

A san serif font doesn’t have decorative strokes at the end of its letters. So thankfully, it’s not too complicated to identify the difference between san serif and serif fonts.

Both San Serif and Serif fonts play an important role in branding. Here are just a few key differents you should be aware of to make sure you’re choosing a font that best represents your brand and business.

Serif Fonts

The small strokes found at the end of serif letters help them stand out so the reader can easily recognize the words on the page and read text more quickly. Because of this, serif fonts are most commonly used in newspapers, magazines, and books.

Note that they can be difficult to read on a computer screen if the font size is small.

Serif fonts are commonly used in logos of brands who want to achieve a classic, elegant, and a traditional feel.

San Serif

On the other hand, San Serif Fonts provides a modern and clean look, which is great for businesses looking to provide a casual, informal, and friendly vibe.

San serif fonts are usually simple, clean, and really easy to read, especially on computers.

Take Time to Consider Both Options

If you’re not sure which type of font you like best, I recommend looking over a few of each to get an idea of how they look.

If you’re in the process of deciding on a logo, try out your brand name using a few san serif and serif fonts to see what it looks like with both.

The best part about working with a graphic designer is that they’ll be able to give you some good options, and once you’ve had your initial consultation, they can determine what type of font will help match the brand image you want to portray.

You can’t go wrong with choosing either san serif or serif font. However, just take the time to consider what you’ll be using your font for and the messaging you’d like your customers to get when they see your content. Do that, and you’ll be in great shape!

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