You Need a Lead Magnet For Your Biz—Here’s Why!

A lead magnet can be an incredibly valuable tool to help create brand awareness and find your ideal audience. No matter your niche, lead magnets can help you acquire customer leads and grow your business.

In today’s post, you’ll learn what a lead magnet is and why you should incorporate one on your website. Let’s get right to it.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing strategy where you offer a free item or service in exchange for contact details, the most common being an email address. As a consumer, you’ve likely opted-in to dozens of lead magnets before.

There are lots of different types of lead magnets, including newsletters, free downloads, or trial subscriptions. Many businesses use lead magnets to generate leads—that is, they will acquire new contact information for customers by offering something for free in exchange.

This helps you grow your business by not only growing your email list, but also boosting the potential for those interested leads to convert to paid customers down the line.

Why Lead Magnets Work

Lead magnets help businesses build awareness, trust, and credibility. You can connect with your customers and help them start to build trust in your business by offering something for free.

Plus, when you acquire that valuable contact information, you can then start sending valuable communications and emails to try and convert that interested prospect to a loyal customer.

When a person wants an exclusive resource or guide, they enter their contact information and are given the freebie, but also are entered into a sales funnel. At that point, the business sends out information, sales, and promotions to steer that prospective customer toward making a purchase.

Types of Lead Magnets to Try

Most often, businesses will provide a checklist, guide, or other PDF-style resource in exchange for someone’s contact info. The main thing to keep in mind with a lead magnet is that the content you offer should be exclusive, unique, and valuable—not something that’s common sense, fluff, or publicly available.

On the other hand, you could compile and repackage multiple pieces of content you have on a topic and offer it as a lead magnet, as long as you make it feel fresh and valuable.

You could also create a quiz and survey lead magnet. After a person takes a survey or quiz, they need to enter their email address in order to receive their results. For example, a clothing business could offer a quiz like “Which Fall Outfit Best Represents Your Personality?” and then suggest options from the store to match with the results.

On that same note, businesses with physical products can offer a lead magnet that’s simply joining a discount club, rewards program, or free shipping offer. Be responsible and think of your target audience when creating lead magnets to ensure the best results.

There are many different types of lead magnets, and different ones will work best for different businesses and target audiences!

Creating a lead magnet can help you connect with prospective customers and grow your business. Acquiring leads and growing your email list should always be a goal, and a lead magnet helps open people up to the possibility of trusting and purchasing from your business.

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