Why Does Mobile Responsive Design Matter?

People love their mobile devices. They keep us connected with the world, provide us with entertainment, and offer us information on just about anything we want to know.

They also are becoming our top way to find businesses and learn about them. That’s why—if you want to reach people and keep them engaged on your website—you MUST make it mobile ready.

No one wants to try to deal with too small text, odd organization, or slow load times when they view your website on their phone.

Beyond that, a couple years ago, Google changed the search engine algorithms to factor in a websites mobile-readiness in search rankings. A website that isn’t mobile-ready will rank lowers than websites that are.

In short, if you want customers to find you and spend some time on your website, you have to be mobile ready—and that requires a mobile responsive design.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

In a nutshell, and without getting into all the behind-the-scenes technical aspects, mobile responsive design means that no matter where you view a website, be it on a PC or smartphone, the layout and content will adapt based on the size of the screen.

Elements may be moved around or appear differently, but all of the content is there and it eliminates visitors need to pinch and expand teeny-tiny copy to make it legible. It also helps to ensure visuals stay intact and that load times are fast.

Mobile Responsive Design helps to ensure that the visitor experience is positive, regardless where they view your website.

How Do You Get a Mobile Responsive Design?

If you are working with a professional designer, they’ll know how to ensure that your website is mobile ready. Behind the scenes, they will optimize the layout of the content and adapt what is visible so that it is easy on the eyes when viewed on a small screen.

If you are doing the work on your own, make sure you choose a website builder that offers mobile responsive templates. They will be automatically set up to adapt regardless the device they are viewed on.

How Can We Help?

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