Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?

You might be aware that almost every business needs to have a presence on social media these days. It’s become such an essential part of business marketing that it’s now almost impossible for any company not to have a profile on at least one of the most important social media sites. There are so many different social media platforms out there that it may seem like an uphill struggle to decide which ones your business should use. But by thinking carefully about your target audience and their habits, you can make informed choices about where to put your efforts in this crowded field. So, which social media platform is right for your business? Let’s take a look!

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Businesses?

As a marketing strategy, social media has existed in some form since the 1990s. However, it’s only in the last 10 years or so that it has become such a pivotal part of digital marketing. Today, social media marketing (SMM) has become a necessity for most businesses and marketers. This is because it allows businesses to reach out to their audiences and connect with them in a way that was previously not possible. Thanks to the digital revolution and the widespread adoption of the internet, people are far more likely to turn to the internet and social media to find the products and services they need. This all means that businesses can no longer rely on traditional advertising, like newspaper and billboard ads, to reach their target customers. Instead, these businesses must invest in social media marketing.

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

As you may have guessed from the above, there is a wide range of social media platforms out there. In fact, there are more than 20 different platforms you can choose from. While all of these have their uses for certain kinds of businesses, there are 5 that are undoubtedly the most used, these are: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you are just starting out and don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, you can choose 2 platforms to focus on but be sure that they align with your target audience. By understanding the potential of each platform, you can make the right choices for your business.

Facebook – The Biggest Player

Facebook has been the world’s most popular social network for many years. It currently boasts around 2.5 billion monthly users, so it’s a good bet that the people you want to reach are on it. Facebook has evolved considerably over the years, but it’s still a platform where businesses can have a strong and active presence. Facebook offers a number of ways for businesses to promote themselves and their products.

These include:

  • Posts – You can use this to write posts about your business and products, post images, and link to other pages or websites.
  • Groups – These are places where people who have something in common can come together and discuss topics in a safe and secure environment.
  • Events – If you want to make an event related to your business, this is the place to do it.
  • Payments – Facebook has recently launched a new feature that allows businesses to accept payments directly on the platform.

Who are Facebook Users:

  • 56% male and 44% female
  • Largest age demographic is between 25 and 35
  • 7 out of 10 US adults use Facebook

Instagram: Photo-Based Marketing

Although it’s quite different from the way it used to be, Instagram was originally a photo-sharing platform. Photos are still important to the site, and image-based marketing is extremely effective. It’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses. It offers a number of tools that make it very easy for businesses of all sizes to use the site and reach their target customers.

Instagram’s most important features for businesses include:

  • Posting – You can use this tool to post images directly to your Instagram feed. You can also add text and links to your posts.
  • Following – You can follow other Instagram accounts and see their posts in your feed. You can also set your account so that people can follow you.
  • Hashtags – These are keywords with a pound sign in front of them. You can add hashtags to your posts to make them more visible to your followers.

Who are Instagram Users:

  • 51% males and 48% females
  • 62% of users are between 18 and 34
  • Users spend a average of 30 minutes per day on app

TikTok: A Dark Horse with a Big Fan Base

TikTok is another popular social media app with a billion active users. You can create short videos and share them with your followers on TikTok. It’s mostly used by teens and young adults and has a lot of features that are popular among that age group. TikTok allows you to add filters and special effects to your videos, record voiceover, and even collaborate with other TikTok users. You can also follow your favorite TikTok users and comment on their videos.

  • Posts – You can share videos, images, and other content on your feed.
  • Following – You can follow other users and see their posts in your feed. You can also set your account so that people can follow you.
  • Hashtags – These are keywords with a pound sign in front of them. You can add hashtags to your posts to make them more visible to your followers.

Who are TikTok Users:

  • 43% males and 57% females
  • 43% of users are between 18 and 24
  • Only 3% of users are older than 55
  • Users spend a average 52 minutes per day on app

Twitter: Short And Sweet Tweets

Twitter is another social media platform that has changed a lot over the years. Originally a place where people shared their thoughts in very short posts, it now offers a wide range of products and services, including business marketing. Twitter still offers a way for businesses to connect with their customers in a very direct way.

As a business on Twitter, you can:

  • Post – You can share links, images, GIFs, videos, and text directly from your computer or smart phone. You can also include web pages from other sites in your posts.
  • Follow – You can follow accounts of people who are interested in your business. They can then follow you back and see your posts in their feeds.
  • Hashtags – You can use hashtags to make your posts more easily visible to your followers.

Who are Twitter Users:

  • 70% males and 29% females
  • 27% of users live in urban area and 18% in rural area
  • 34% of US user earn more than $75,000

LinkedIn: Networking for Businesses

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is designed specifically for professional use and B2B. This makes it a great option for businesses that want to both share their information and make connections with others in the same industry. LinkedIn is a large platform with around half a billion users, so it’s very likely that your target customers are on it.

As a business on LinkedIn, you can:

  • Post – You can write posts and upload images. You can also share links to other websites.
  • Follow – You can follow other businesses that are related to yours.
  • Hashtags – You can use hashtags to make your posts more easily visible to your followers.

Who are Instagram Users:

  • 57% males and 42% females
  • 20% of users are between 18 and 24
  • 59% of users are between 25 – 34

Bottom line

Choosing the right social media platform is a crucial part of social media marketing. Luckily, there are several options out there, each with its own strengths. By choosing wisely, you can reach the right customers and make your company much more successful.

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