What’s the Difference Between Rebranding and Redesigning Your Website?
When you own a business, sometimes, you just intuitively notice that something needs to change. Businesses require us to change and adjust and be flexible. No business grows by staying exactly the same. But how do you know what change needs to be made?

Specifically, when you notice something that needs to be updated, it might be time for a business rebrand or a website redesign. Your brand and your website are both core, essential pieces of what makes or breaks your success. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes challenging to tell which one you need to focus on and make a change within.

In today’s post, you’ll learn what a business rebrand and website redesign each are and how to know when to do each! Let’s get started.

What Is a Business Rebrand?

A rebrand changes the way you present your business to the public. Let’s start with the basics: branding refers to your specific design elements that reflect your business, including your color scheme, logo, fonts, and more.

A rebrand impacts your brand design, like your logo and color elements, along with your brand messaging: the name, unique value proposition, mission statement, content, voice, and tone, to name a few. When you rebrand, you aim to reposition yourself in a more aligned, appealing way within your market.

As your business goals change, or the reality of your niche changes, you might realize that it is time for a rebrand. Keep in mind that a rebrand is usually not one thing or another; instead, it takes place on a sort of spectrum. A rebrand can focus on as much or as little of your branding as you see fit to better achieve your business goals.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business?

If your products or services or target audience has changed or evolved since you initially branded your business, it could be time to rebrand. Your branding should always reflect what your business does and who your business helps, so these things are a key indicator of the need for a rebrand.

Additionally, if you never set up cohesive branding across all of your platforms and channels, like your website, email, business cards, and social media, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build valuable trust and brand recognition.

Additionally, current design trends and distinguishability play a role. You need to simultaneously meet market expectations while standing out from the crowd. This is where a designer can really help you hone in on your vision and communicate with your customers effectively.

What Is a Website Redesign?

While rebranding is focused on refreshing the look and feel of your brand, a website redesign is an entirely new designed and developed website to help you accomplish your unique business goals. How do you know it’s time for a website redesign, though?

Usually, website redesigns focus on specific, targeted goals in your business, like increasing traffic or engagement, generating leads, or improving your user experience to boost sales.

A website redesign takes time, and it is often incredibly valuable to outsource a website redesign to a designer/developer like Evielutions Design. Professionals know exactly how to help you utilize your website as a tool to skyrocket your goal achievements. Although this is often more of an investment than a rebrand, if your goals would be boosted by this type of change, it is frequently worth it.

Do You Need a Website Redesign?

Updating your business website is a huge decision, but there are some ways to know it’s time for a website redesign. If you have not redesigned your website in 3 years or more, it is likely time to do so. Another time factor involves traffic—is your traffic steadily increasing over time? If not, you probably need to focus on redesigning your website to try and improve your traffic.

It’s important to evaluate any feedback. Are you getting compliments on your website design and usability? You can also test some things yourself or have friends or family do so. Test things like mobile-friendliness, page speed, security, and search engine results to see how your website is performing. This makes it easy to evaluate whether a redesign might be needed.

If you rebrand, you may also feel that it is time to launch a full-scale website redesign, too. This decision is all about what is best for you and your business goals. Evielutions Design can support you in all of your needs, from rebranding to website redesigns!

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