What Should You Ask a Web Developer Before Hiring Them?

Working with a web developer is such an exciting step to take! But it can also be a little overwhelming. I love supporting fellow business owners, so I want to help you through that process. One of the biggest things to do is ask questions. When you’re going to work with a web developer, you need to ask certain essential questions before hiring them.

Asking the right questions helps you hire the best web developer for your unique, specific needs and project. Here are some of the most important questions to ask any web developer you’re considering hiring. 

What platform do you use to design your websites?

This is important because you’re going to need to know the platform down the line. Unless you add a specific maintenance package, you’re going to need to make small updates and changes, not to mention adding products or services when you need to! 

What does your research process look like?

When someone visits your website, you want them to instantly understand your business’s image, mission, and goals. An excellent developer should research your target audience, your brand, and the brand identity you wish to convey.

Ask them to walk you through their web design and development process.

Every developer takes a different approach to the process. Ask for details on the process, stages, deadlines, revisions, and more.

Do you include revisions in your web design package?

On that same note, make sure revisions are included to some degree. You want to be able to make changes as needed during the process and give feedback. At Evielutions Design, we highly value feedback during the process, but this varies.

What is your expected timeline and how long will the project take?

If you have a specific deadline in mind, make sure the developer will be able to meet that deadline, even with revisions.

Are your designs mobile-friendly and responsive?

Nowadays, every website needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive to different devices and browsers. This is such an important question to ask!

How will you optimize for SEO?

Having a beautiful website is great, but you need to hire a developer with a knowledge of SEO who will apply those best practice techniques to your site. This helps you generate more leads and have a website that’s built to work for you and your marketing funnels.

How will you make sure my page speed is fast?

Site speed is so important. If a website takes too long to load, usually, people won’t wait. Your web developer should focus on best practices for page and site speed.

Who will manage my site once it’s been completed?

Sometimes, developers offer management packages or include specific services in their initial rate. This is a huge thing to ask about while considering who to hire.

What is included in your pricing package? What will I expect to pay additional money for?

Sometimes, specific deliverables are included while others are not. It’s beyond essential to figure out what exactly is included, and what isn’t. Know what you’re going to want out of the project, too, and make sure it’s included or reasonable to add on if needed.

Can you provide me with your portfolio or reference websites I can visit that you’ve created?

It’s super helpful to be able to look at the developer’s previous projects, or even hear directly from people about their experience working with that developer.

Do you offer a content package or do you have someone you recommend?

Some developers offer content marketing packages along with development. If you’re ready to launch your business into a new level, this might be a good option to consider.

What assets do I need to provide to get the project started? 

You need to know what’s expected of you (and when!) There are assets you’ll need to pull together before the project gets started, so take note.

Hopefully, this list of questions to ask a developer will help you find the perfect person for the job. No matter what project you have in mind, it’s important to focus on your needs, so remember to ask questions and take notes.

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