Top Tips to Keep Your Direct Mail Pieces Out of the Trash

Marketing to customers via social media and email may seem like your most budget-friendly options—but they aren’t necessarily going to provide you with the best return on your investment. In fact, according to the Data and Marketing Association 2017 “Response Rate Report,” direct mail actually provides the best response rate.

While you may have to fork out more money upfront, direct mail still offers you the best opportunity to make that money back and then some.

Of course, whether your direct mail pieces convert—or end up at the bottom of a trash or recycle bin—depends heavily on how well you design it. Follow these tips:

Limit the amount of text you use

Convey as much as you can through high-quality images and illustrations. Use images that elicit a response from customers, for example, showing how people feel before and after using your product or services.

Then choose catchy, benefit-driven, concise marketing statements to convey your message. Keep your message focused, and do not overwhelm recipients with too much information and unnecessary details. Do, however, provide enough information so that they immediately know what your business does.

Additionally, make sure you add plenty of white space and integrate headers and bullets to make the copy scannable.

Keep it professional

Using crazy fonts, all caps, bold, italics and many exclamation marks make your pieces hard to read or look gimmicky. Keep the formatting and fonts simple and clear.

Also ensure a consistent brand experience by integrating your brand and logo colors—and choosing additional colors that complement them. Don’t over-do bright colors, especially if they don’t coordinate with your logo.

Use the upper right-hand corner

That is the first place your eyes go when looking over a direct mail piece, so make sure you include something there that is going to grab customers’ attention. Make a bold benefit statement, include a powerful testimonial or highlight a special offer.

Make it personal

Include recipient’s names on envelopes and letters. Use stamps instead of the prepaid and pre-printed postage stamps. Or even include handwritten messages on sticky notes. Those personal touches differentiate your direct mail pieces from the piles of generic mail people receive every day.

Play with size and materials

Larger envelopes, a heavier stock or finish of paper, and including a freebie that makes a package feel lumpy have all proven to increase response rates. They stand out from standard envelopes and mailers. You may spend more initially, but if your conversions are higher, it will be worth it.

Don’t forget your Call to Action

Never assume recipients will act. You need to tell them exactly what you want them to do after reading your marketing piece. Create a sense of urgency by providing a deadline, offering an extra discount for early responses, or providing some other incentive that encourages them to respond quickly.

How Can We Help?

Direct mail definitely still works, so don’t abandon the practice—and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If you want your direct mail pieces to convert, they have to be noticed first, so take some chances with your design. Let us help you, contact us today.