The Best Practices for Your Testimonial Page
Your brand ambassadors are your key asset in building your brand. They are your best salespeople. They can help you build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site and your sales funnel. Getting genuine feedback helps you capitalize on the natural curiosity of others to get your brand name in front of new people. Testimonial pages on your website aren’t just a place to showcase testimonials from satisfied customers; they’re also a place to test and measure the marketing value of your testimonials.
Testimonials pages are a great way to showcase the experiences of your most loyal customers. They are also one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement because they allow you to showcase your customers in a personalized way. Testimonials pages are not always easy to design, but there are a few best practices that will help you create a successful testimonials page that drives the right response from the right people.

What is a Testimonials Page?

Testimonials pages are a digital extension of the customer testimonial. These pages allow you to create a space where your customers can share their experience with your brand by writing an honest review. Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate how your customers feel about your products, your services, and your overall business. A testimonials page is the perfect place to showcase the stories of your most loyal, satisfied customers. It’s also a great way to provide testimonials to new customers or prospects who are interested in learning more about your brand. Testimonials pages are one of the most effective online marketing strategies you can implement.

Why Have a Testimonials Page?

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty and drive more leads to your business. Companies that use testimonials regularly outperform their competitors in many ways. This way, potential customers can see that other people just like them have used your products and services and received excellent results. In some cases, customers might be too busy or tired to do much research on their own. If you want to encourage them to make a purchase, it’s essential that you appeal to their emotions, too. This can be done by showing and not telling. If you’re selling health products or services, for example, a video testimonial that shows how much better your customer feels after using your product is more effective than a testimonial that only explains the science behind the product.

Create an Emotional Response

Customers can’t buy trust, but you can definitely earn it. That’s why it’s essential to create an emotional response when marketing your business. In addition to capturing their attention and getting them excited about your products, you also want to make sure that you create a strong enough emotional connection to prompt your customers to leave a testimonial. If a customer is emotionally attached to their brand, they are far more likely to take the time to leave a positive review and recommend your company to their friends. One great way to create an emotional response is by including a quote from a satisfied customer in your testimonials. These quotes can be short or long, depending on your needs. You can also include images or videos that depict the customer, product, or experience that you’re trying to portray.

Show, Don’t Tell

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when creating testimonials pages is telling instead of showing. Videos are high converting and engage the customer more than reading text. By using words rather than visuals, you’re missing out on an incredibly effective marketing strategy.
Don’t be afraid to ask your long time clients for a 2 minute video testimonial. You’ll be surprised how excited they’ll be. One of the biggest issues that businesses face is that potential customers don’t know what the products or services are that they’re selling. Your testimonials pages can help to solve this problem by showcasing your products and services in a visual way. It’s also a great way to give your customers a chance to explain why they love your brand and products.

Make it Personal

One of the most effective ways to create an emotional connection on your testimonials page is to personalize them. This means that you should include a bit of information about the customer in their testimonial along with their review. Doing this adds value to your customer’s input because it adds credibility to the testimonial. This also shows other customers that you are interested in engaging with your current customers. It shows that you want to create lasting relationships with your customers and cultivate long-term loyalty. Personalizing your testimonials page is also effective at increasing the chances that customers will click through and make a purchase from your site.

Embed Google My Business Testimonials

One of the biggest complaints that many businesses is having to update their pages constantly. This is an easy problem to fix by sending customers the link to your Google My Business page to submit a testimonial. This allows you to use a plugin or other tool to embed all of your testimonials directly on your website. It will also give you the capability to format the testimonials so that aligns with your brand.
This also allows you to collect testimonials on Google where most potential customer may find you before coming to your website. The goal is to streamline and decrease manual duplication.

Create a Call to Action

Many business owners make the mistake of ending their testimonials page without giving a significant takeaway. It’s essential that you end your testimonials page with a call to action. This is simply a statement that summarizes what your brand is all about and encourages your potential customer to join your existing customers to experience what they did. Ending your testimonials page with a call to action allows promote your products or services. These are all important aspects of driving more business from your customer base. If you want to create an effective testimonials page, you need to keep the following best practices in mind. These strategies will help you create a successful testimonials page, which will drive more leads to your business.

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