Signs its time for a new website

A website is like your virtual business card. It’s the first impression people will go to when they are looking for you online. If it looks outdated, poorly designed or unprofessional, chances are you won’t get too far in terms of exposure and potential leads. So how do you know if your site needs a makeover? Here are some signs that might just mean it’s time for an update.

Your target audience has shifted

For most companies, they develop their site originally according to what they think would interest their customers. After about three years it may be worthwhile to look at what other companies are doing in your industry. If you see that everyone else is using a certain color, font, or even the same picture for their logo then you might need to make some changes. Sites lose interest quickly when they do not change regularly and if someone goes through the trouble of following your site regularly but does not feel like you are improving it enough they will go elsewhere.

You want to change direction or add new services

If you have been working in business for some time and things are going well then chances are you might be considering expanding. If that is the case, getting a new site can help get this idea across more effectively because people can see what you already do but also get an idea of what new projects you might be starting soon. It is important to keep an updated website if you want your company’s image to stay current in whatever industry you work in.

Your customers aren’t engaging with your site

If you notice that there is not a whole lot of activity going on, it may be time for an update. You can see how many visitors are coming to your web­site by checking your analytics. If those numbers aren’t very high then chances are those visitors aren’t staying long. Try to figure out what could be causing your customers to leave your site. If those reasons do not seem like an easy fix, a new website may be needed.

Your site is difficult for customers to use

A good content structure is not only important for SEO but also so that all visitors can easily find what they are looking for on your site. Users need to be able to navigate your website easily, find the information they want quickly, and have functional links. Another reason that people may not be staying on your website is because it takes too long to load. It’s tough going on a website that takes too long to load because it is not only frustrating but also time-consuming. Customers will not spend a lot of time on a site that is not user friendly so that may be a sign you need a new site.

Your website is not mobile responsive

If your site is great for desktop computers but practically useless when it comes to mobile devices, then it may be time to upgrade your efforts Thankfully, most people use their mobile devices when engaging with websites nowadays but if your website does not perform on different types of devices, this is a huge error. Typically more half website visitors are on their smartphones. If they cannot get the full experience of what you have available they will likely go somewhere else. Getting a new site can help people get the full value of what you provide, regardless of how they choose to interact with you online.

Your competitors have improved or rebranded

If other sites in your industry look better than yours does, it may be time to look into getting a new website. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with different layouts, colors, and fonts that might help your company’s website stand out more than before. You will likely gain a lot more attention if you look different from everyone else out there.

Outdated technology

There are several reasons that your company might need a new website. If you have not kept up with the updates on computers, software, or internet browsers then you may be in some trouble when it comes to your site being seen by people who are using different systems. Even popular sites like Facebook have had problems with failing to produce apps for new devices and websites that are designed only for certain browsers instead of taking advantage of new technology.

It has been too long since you made any changes

Sure we all get busy, but if you go more than six months without making any updates to your site then chances are it needs some attention. There may also be something about it that makes people want to leave. This includes broken links and images and anything else that might not work when someone comes across your site depending on their device or browser.

Your web design just doesn’t look professional anymore

A lot of times people who started their own company or made their own website many years ago probably used a template and the internet has come a long way since then. Old sites often have website trends that are dated and could be causing your customers to steer away. Making your site up to date with current standards will make it stand out more and look better than it did before.

Does this sound like you?

A website is more than just a pretty face – it’s an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy. When you need to replace your current site, there are many things to consider.
If this blog post has raised any concerns about your own web presence then I invite you to reach out! I can help you take a look at your web design to make sure you are not missing out on any opportunities.

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