6 Website Mistakes that Drive Customers Away

You built or hired someone to build a snazzy new website months ago—but you’ve barely noticed an uptick in business. What’s going on? Chances are, if your website isn’t converting, it’s likely that the design or functionality is driving potential customers away.

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Generate Leads With Branded Newsletters

If you are looking for another opportunity to market your business, branded customer newsletters are the way to go. They allow you to stay connected with your customers, which is critical to building and maintaining brand recognition. Additionally, they’re also proven to increase sales, boost traffic to your website, generate new leads and build your social media following. Follow this advice when adding a branded newsletter.

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8 Graphic Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Marketing Materials

Marketing materials aren’t cheap. Beyond the upfront financial investment, they need to be near-perfect because customers notice even small mistakes and imperfections, which can cast doubt on your professionalism and attention to detail. Take extra care to avoid these graphic design mistakes in your marketing materials.

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What is a SSL and why you need it

Effective July 2018, Google started to mark all websites that hadn’t went to HTTPS as “not secure”. The goal of this is to make the Internet safer for everyone not just to secure websites that accept personal data such as credit card information or social...

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5 Rules You Must Follow When Creating a New Logo

When you are launching your business—or rebranding it—put some serious thought into your logo. A well-conceived, well-designed logo captures people’s attention and isn’t easy to forget. As you think about how you want to represent your organization with a...

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