Our Easy Five Step Web Design Process

When implemented correctly, your website will serve as your 24/7 salesperson and storefront, so it’s important that it conveys the right message, look, and feel. Evielutions Design is here for all of your web design needs. Sometimes, the process of working with a designer feels a little overwhelming. Today, we’re sharing the five-step web design process that we use for our own clients. It’s super simple, and hopefully, this will help you feel excited about the process without being anxious! Let’s dive right in.

We have a five-step approach to designing the perfect website for your business. We know how important it is for small businesses to have beautiful, on-brand, and efficient websites. Here’s how it works!

Step 1: Initial Consultation

First, we like to meet with our clients for an initial consultation. Whether this initial consultation takes place in-person (we love to visit your retail location if possible!) or over the phone, it’s an important part of getting to know you and your business. This consultation lets us get a feel for who you are, how you operate, and what your business is all about. We focus on building websites that both look good and improve functionality. A great website should make things easy for you and your customers alike! If your website is super efficient, you’ll get more customers, leads, and sales with less effort, and you’ll have more time to focus on the things you love in your business.

Step 2: Create a Web Mockup

After the initial consultation, if it’s a great fit for your business, you’ll need to sign the contract and make an initial payment. After that, we’ll deliver a website mockup! This is basically a preview of the website design we’re planning to implement. We base our mockups specifically on the information we gathered at the initial consultation.

At this point, you’ll be able to review the PDF mockup and provide feedback. Then, we’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments prior to moving on and developing your website. At this point, you’ll need to focus primarily on the layout of the mockup rather than on fonts, colors, or images—those are easy to change later on! Now is the time to make sure it’s a layout and functionality that will work best for you and your customers.

Step 3: Build Out the Website Design

Once you’ve approved the mockup after any revisions, we’ll start building your website. You’ll need to prepare and send us content, like text and images, for this stage. Don’t worry—all of that information will be included in your welcome email. We always appreciate your feedback so we can build the best website that accurately represents your business.

Test the Website

Once we’ve finished designing and building your website, it’s time for us to test every single component and make sure everything functions correctly. We test the website on multiple browsers and mobile devices—all of the websites we build are fully responsive! During this stage, we’ll also double-check to make sure all content is right and that the website has a great user experience.

Go Live!

When we’ve finished testing everything, it’s time to remove the “Coming Soon” page and activate your new website. At this point, it’s live for anyone to view! You’ll be ready to share your products and services with the world.

Now you know how seamless the process is! There’s nothing to worry about or fear when you hire someone to design your website. Evielutions Design is focused on helping you create the business you’ve dreamed of, so this process helps us along the way. Contact us today if you’re ready to have us design your website—we can get started with your initial consultation soon!

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