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Logo design is a crucial element of brand identity. It’s the first thing people see when they meet you, and it’s what they remember when they think of you later. Your logo needs to be memorable and reflect your business, values and mission as a company. Logo variations are a set of logos that can be mixed and matched with each other to create new visual identities. These small variations make it possible for you to use the same logo in different contexts without it looking out of place or unfitting. Logo variations can be helpful both for big companies with many subsidiaries and smaller businesses who have different services or products but have the same brand name. Read on to find out more about logo variations and their benefits for your company…

What is a logo variation?

Logo variations are different versions of the main logo. They usually have subtle differences like the shape, color, font or the addition of graphics or elements. Logo variations are often focused on the shape or type of the logo and the color of the logo is kept the same even if there are small changes. The variations can be in the size, font, or placement of the logo depending on how extreme the variation is. Logo variations are helpful in extending the application of a logo. For example, a company can use the same logo on their website, social media accounts and printed materials, but use different logo variations to distinguish between different departments or product lines. Logo variations are also helpful to avoid the logo being misinterpreted or the wrong logo being used.

Why is a logo variation useful?

Logo variations are useful for a number of reasons. As mentioned above, they allow for different departments to use the same logo but with different variations. This allows for a consistent brand identity across the company, but allows each department to have a distinct visual identity. Logo variations are also helpful when your company has multiple services or products. If your company has a product that is designed for children, but also offers services for adults, you can use the same logo for both products and services. However, you can use different logo variations for each product or service. Another example of when logo variations are helpful is when you want to use your logo on different types of media. If you want to use your logo on your website, social media, printed materials and clothing, but each of these has different restrictions, logo variations can help solve this issue.

Logo variations for big brands

For big brands that already have a logo, logo variations are a great way to use the same logo but in different contexts. For example, a clothing brand could use the same logo on their website, social media accounts, printed materials and clothing. However, they could use different variations of the logo for each of these. On their website, they could use a logo variation in the shape of a square instead of a rectangle, have a different font and be in black and white rather than color. Their logo on social media could also be in black and white and have a different font. Their logo on printed materials could have a different shape, font and color scheme. The logo on their clothing could have different colors, the shape could be different again and it could have the same font as the social media logo. These logo variations make the brand look consistent, but each item still has its own distinct features.

Logo variations for small brands

As with big brands, logo variations can be helpful for smaller brands. They may not have the brand recognition yet that would encourage customers to become loyal to the company. Having a consistent visual identity in the form of a logo variation can help customers remember your brand. Having the same logo across your website, social media, printed materials and clothing can help customers associate your brand with the visual elements of each of these. Having the same logo can help customers identify your brand at a glance. However, even if you’re a new brand, logo variations can be used to differentiate between different products or services as well as for different medias. For instance you may want to use a variation of your logo on your email signature or where you may have limited space that your main variation may not work in. This helps customers understand what each product or service is while still making them feel like they are coming from the same company.

How to create logo variations?

The first step in creating logo variations is to create the original logo. You can use any design software you like to create your logo. Then, you can begin to make changes to create your different variations. You can use Adobe Photoshop but preferably Illustrator to make changes to the logo. This software programs are ideal because they create vector versions of your logo which is really important so that your logo can be used at any size without losing quality. You can make logo variations using an online logo makers such as Canva and TailorBrands or hire Evielutions Design to create a completely original design. These tools make the process of creating logo variations easy and don’t require any design expertise. You can usually pick a type of logo you want (like wordmark or symbol mark) and then select from a few themes and color options. The tool will then create a new variation of your logo for you.


Logo variations are helpful for many reasons. They make it easy for big companies to use the same logo in different contexts and for small companies to have a consistent visual identity. They can be helpful for big brands looking to use the same logo on different media and for small brands to differentiate their products or services. Logo variations make a brand look consistent and help customers identify the brand at a glance.

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