Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

It’s 2019, and you absolutely need a well-designed, user-friendly website if you want to grow your business. Consumers expect you to have one, even if you are a small, local business that is just getting started. It’s just the way of the world.

First of all, potential customers are going to look for your business online — and when they find your website, you have mere seconds to make a positive impression on them. However, getting them there and making a positive impression isn’t enough. If you don’t keep them there, at least long enough to learn more about your business, your website is pretty much worthless.

But how do you keep visitors on your website? Start with these critical elements:

A sophisticated design

Here is the thing, you might be exceptional at what you do, but an ugly website has the potential to destroy a potential customer’s confidence in your business. The design matters. The images, color and font choices all matter.

You must reel them in with a beautiful, professional design.

Clear explanation of what it is you do

People should know exactly what product or service you provide the second they come to your website. They shouldn’t have to scroll or go digging to figure out how you can help them. A relevant image and a line of copy — that states a clear benefit to the customer — at the top of your home page is all you need to make that known.

Then guide them to more information and the nitty gritty details of the business.


You will drive people away fast if your website has slow load times, broken links, a confusing navigation bar, or if it isn’t mobile friendly.

Nothing else will matter if visitors become frustrated as they navigate through your website. Above all else, clear any roadblocks that prevent customers from learning about your business, contacting you, or ordering online.

That means, maintaining your website, monitoring it for issues, and updating it as needed.

Tight copy

People don’t want to parse through paragraphs of dense, long-winded text. They want succinct, to-the-point — simple — copy that spells out in no uncertain terms how you can benefit them.

For B2B companies, specifically, usually your goal is to convince people to contact you for more details. On your website, you don’t want to give potential customers everything they need to decide whether to do business with you. You want the opportunity to sell your services. Focus heavy on the benefits and leave the details for a latter conversation.

When it comes to B2C companies, especially when people order your products online, you’ll want to offer plenty of details so that they have what they need to make a buying decision.

Either way, you want to ensure you are using clean, clear and polished copy.

Valuable content

Finally, one of the smartest ways to engage people is to provide free, high-quality content that offers them tips and information they can use. A regularly updated blog that offers advice, is a great way to subtly promote products and build your credibility, and it keeps people coming back to your website.

Meatier assets, such as free whitepapers, solution briefs, ebooks and online courses are ideal for generating leads through email capture. People share high-value content, too, so it’s a great way to drive new traffic to your website. Just make sure you are investing in your content strategy. Poorly written or executed content is worse than no content at all.

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