How To Set Up Your Thank You Page For Maximum Conversions
It might not seem like much, but your thank-you page has the power to change your user experience and boost your conversion rate. Your thank-you page is the one last page users see before they leave your website. It is the final opportunity for you to convince your visitor to become a life long customer. Its sole purpose is to make sure your visitors know that you appreciate them. The key to a successful thank-you page is to make sure it doesn’t just thank your visitors for their business but also add value. Below are 5 things you should have on your thank-you page that will help you maximize your conversion rate.

Make Your Thank-You Page Interactive

The concept of “making your visitors feel something” is a pretty old-school concept in digital marketing and it’s coming back in full force. The benefits of adding interactive elements to your thank-you page include keeping your visitors on your website longer and ultimately converting them into customers. While the most obvious reason would be to increase the value you get out of your thank-you page, there’s actually a ton of research behind it, too. It has been found that interactive elements on your thank-you page can increase conversions by 6 to 10 percent.
Here are some examples:
  • a progress bar that updates the status of their purchase
  • a brief intro video or audio
  • an eye-catching animation

Show You’re Paying Attention

This is the last opportunity you have to make a positive first impression on your website visitors. You may have offered a variety of ways they can stay in touch with your company, but the thank you page is the last stop before they click “exit” on your site.
A personalized thank you page doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Remember that your visitors are already taking a risk by putting their trust in your company by visiting your website. A simple “thank you” with their name or a “Hello” can go a long way. You can also recommend content based on what the vistor as viewed.

Offer up-sells or cross sells

Up-selling and cross-selling are two concepts that are being used more and more in digital marketing. They are two of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate. An up-sell is offering additional products, services, or other items in exchange for the customer’s business. It’s a way to make the customer feel even more inclined to buy something else after they’ve made the purchase. A cross-sell is when you encourage your customers to buy more than one item from you. This is done by offering additional products or services that go along with whatever your initial product or service was.
Up-selling and cross-selling are especially effective when done on your thank-you page. You can create a list of benefits from your product or service and include links to each benefit. Then, you can create a list of products that go along with each benefit and include links to each product. Keep in mind that up-selling and cross-selling shouldn’t be blatant sales pitches. They should be subtle ways to push your customers towards buying from you again. You’re not trying to get them to buy more than one item at a time, you just want to make sure they get the idea that they can rely on you as a resource.

Ask for referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate. It works by encouraging your customer to send other people to your business. This can be done through your thank-you page or in your emails. This way, you’re encouraging your visitors to share your business with their friends and family. You can include a referral message with a link on your thank-you page. This can be done by creating a message that encourages your visitors to share your business with other people. For example, you can create a message that reads something like this:
“Know someone who would enjoy our products? Tell them about it with a 10% discount for you and them!”

Ask for social shares

Last but not least, you should ask your visitors to share your business page on social media. This is an extra push to get your customer to share your product or service with friends. The benefit of asking your visitors to share on social media is that it gives them an incentive. It makes them feel good that other people will get the value from your product or service, but it will also help you get that additional business.
You could use a Twitter plugin that creates a pre-generated message for your visitor to Tweet. It could say something like “I just signed up for @yourbusiness training course on getting new clients. Check it out here – (include link)”.
You could also incentivize the a share by entering them into a giveaway.


The most successful marketers are the ones who know how to maximize every opportunity they get. That’s why it’s so important to make your thank-you page count. The key to a successful thank-you page is to make sure it doesn’t just thank your visitors but maximize your chances of them coming back and becoming a long time customer. These are just a few things you can do to boost your conversion rate on your thank-you page. With just a little bit of effort, you can make your page even more impactful.

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