How to Actually Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Nowadays, your website is more important than ever. It’s basically your 24/7 salesperson, your digital storefront, and your powerhouse marketing platform. This means your website can majorly help you (or hurt you). Your website user experience matters since it’s at the heart of your marketing efforts. Sometimes, you don’t have the money or time to do a complete web design overhaul, but don’t fret. I’ve put together a list of 5 things you can do today to boost your website’s user experience.

Add Powerful Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Your CTAs drive action on your website. You’re able to direct visitors on where to go next, what they should do, and how you’re going to help serve them. Make sure to separate out your CTAs in a clear, logical, and flowing order. Instead of stacking multiple CTAs right next to each other, make sure it flows and makes sense. This way, your customer won’t be overwhelmed.

Then, remember to add visual cues. Your customers are used to visual cues, so add color and clear visuals to your CTAs. Using buttons with clear action words and vibrant, appealing colors makes a huge difference in attracting clicks and conversions.

Make Sure Your Images Are Impactful

Use unique, clean, clear, and original photography. People don’t trust super generic stock photos, so use them sparingly. Your images are a chance to really let people connect with who you are as a brand. Beyond the images themselves, which should be high quality and reflect your unique brand identity, remember to keep things simple. Don’t go crazy with tons of busy imagery. You’ll overwhelm your audience, and remember: your images should all have specific intent.

Remember, White Space Is Good!

White space is absolutely essential to good website design. Especially around text and titles, white space increases user attention and helps your site feel open, clean, fresh, and modern. You have to remember to create a good balance between text, imagery, and white space on your website. This is one spot where a website designer can really help you!

Stay Within Your Branding & Brand Colors

Being consistent is everything for building a brand. Everything should match, from your heading sizes, font choices, coloring, and button styles to your spacing, design elements, illustration styles, and photo choices. Everything should be on-brand to make your design coherent, both between pages and all on the same page. This is part of why branding is so essential for every business. It makes your web design and user experience so much better.

In order to create a beautiful user experience for your website visitors, consistency is absolutely key. Huge changes in the design from one page to the next might lead your visitors to feel lost and confused, which can also make them lose trust in your site—no one wants that!

Keep Your Website Design Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

Websites aren’t always accessed on the computer. Instead, tons of users who visit your website will do so from a phone. That’s why you absolutely need to ensure that your user experience is also mobile-friendly. If there’s one thing you do to improve your user experience, making your site mobile-friendly should be it!

Creating a beautiful and effective user experience on your website helps seal the deal and grow your business. Working with a designer like Evielutions can help you do this without the stress! Implement these five tips as a starting point, but remember, there’s so much to consider in crafting the best user experience. You don’t have to do it alone.

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