Here Are The Best Blog Topics For Business Coaches

Blogging is so incredibly important for every entrepreneur. For business coaches, blogging should be a part of your marketing strategy!

But for a niche market like business coaching, what should you actually write about?

Business coaches should focus on blogging for a number of reasons, but especially because blog posts help boost your business.

There are plenty of topic ideas you can choose from to meet your needs and your clients’ needs!

Let’s jump into everything you should know about starting a blog as a business coach.

Why Should Business Coaches Create Blog Posts?

There are lots of benefits when you write blog posts in your business coaching business. It can help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche by proving your credibility and knowledge. Plus, you can connect with your target audience and reach new clients by sharing valuable information.

When you create informative blog posts that are rich with value, visitors to your website will start to see you not only as credible and trustworthy, but also as an authority within your niche.

Another benefit of blogging for business coaches is how it allows you to understand your audience on a deeper level. As you consistently post blog content, you’ll be able to examine your analytics and know what your visitors are most interested in (and why).

On that note, remember that your entire objective with a blog is not to directly persuade people to hire you, but instead to provide as much valuable, educational content as possible.

SEO keywords help you rank in search results, but your content has to be thorough and worth reading in order for Google to actually put your blog posts in front of people.

Topics to Cover on Your Business Coaching Blog

Although it’s never a good feeling, we all have those moments of fear when we’re sitting and looking at a blank computer screen. If you’re ready to take on creating a blog for your business coaching endeavors, now is the time!

These topic ideas will help you connect with people, engage your audience, establish authority, and grow your business.

When you need a spark of creativity, start with basic ideas and get super specific for your audience, niche, or skill set.

For example, a chef could think about ‘pasta’ and then write a blog post for busy moms on the go to make quick weeknight pastas, or lunch meal prep pastas for heading to the office.

One general idea can give you lots of specific ideas!

Share a How-To Guide

Help people understand how to do something, whether it’s creating a vision board for their goals or being more efficient with their time.

Think about what your audience needs (and what you can help them with) and find the connection between the two.

How can you teach your audience something of value while also enticing them to trust you and hire you?

Tell Stories About Your Journey In Your Field

People crave stories. That’s why commercials that make us cry or feel good do so much better than just sales-y ads.

Use your blog as a chance to connect and share about your passions, experiences, and journey. This helps people understand you, trust you, and know you enough to recognize your expertise!

Use Lists To Maximize Impact

Lists are incredibly enticing for people online. Everyone loves a good “101 Ways To…” style post, but you can scale this down to meet specific needs.

Are you writing about the benefits of mind-mapping? Frame it as a list. Are you writing about confidence? There are so many different list-style posts you could write under that one umbrella topic!

When you’re a business coach, building a content marketing strategy helps you grow your business. Blogging is an integral part of an effective content strategy.

Since there are so many benefits, you should consider blogging in your business. Hopefully, these topics help you spark some ideas!

Keep a running note-sheet with any ideas and pull them out to refine them as you go. You’ve got this!

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