Evielutionized: Text Services LLC

At Evielutions Design, we consider our customers part of the family. That’s why we’re shining a spotlight on some of our clients, their businesses, and how we’re supporting them in building their brands.

Next up is Text Services LLC, a communication solutions provider that makes it simple to connect with customers — and meet their growing demand for digital communication.

Text Services is a family-owned business, serving a range of companies across the U.S. Their mission: to enable their customers to provide exceptional customer service to their own customers.

How are they doing it? Through a fully customizable all-in-one text platform. Evielutions Design revamped their website providing a fresh new look, user-friendly format and brand-new marketing copy/materials.

Our website, handouts and business cards needed that certain help to make them more catchy, less worded but worded the right way to appeal to the businesses out there. Evielutions Design made that happen! We are so thrilled with how all of it turned out! They were so very helpful and professional through out the entire process! Thank you everyone at Evielutions Design!

LeAnna Jones

You can check out their website to learn more (and see our work) but here are some key benefits of using the Text Services Texting Platform:

  • Document all incoming and outgoing messages with customers. Then easily view and print a history of customer communications.
  • Track, evaluate and ensure that your salespeople are working their pipelines and pinpoint breakdowns in the sales or customer service process.
  • Set up autoresponders to commonly asked questions and schedule messages.
  • Avoid customers’ spam filters with 10-digit codes.

Plus, they offer a full suite of web and mobile apps. Learn more now.

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