Do Realtors Need to Focus on Their Personal Brand? Absolutely.

Marketers LOVE to use the phrase “personal brand,” but what do they mean by it—and why should you care?

If you are in real estate, your personal brand is supremely important. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2018, 70 percent of buyers interviewed just one real estate agent during their home search.

That’s after they did a ton of property research online, first.

Bottom line: If you want new clients, you have to make a great first impression—like the minute someone finds you online. That means you need to have a strong personal brand that conveys exactly who you are and what you can do for people.

So how do you figure out what your personal brand is, and then showcase it to the world? Start here:

Don’t hide the “real” you

You aren’t creating an image out of thin air; you’re tapping into your personality. You can’t put out one persona on your website and marketing materials and be someone totally different face-to-face. You are in real estate because you are a likeable, helpful person. Let your best qualities shine.

Think about how you want people to perceive you. What do you want them to notice? What do you want them to say about you when the deal is done? Focus on three specific qualities and let that be the basis of your brand. Reinforce it every time you connect with clients—and in all your marketing materials.

Nail down your purpose

You aren’t just in the business of selling homes. You aren’t in this tough, topsy-turvy gig because you want to make a paycheck. You solve problems for people every day. You change their lives. You help people fulfil their dreams. Make sure that you are consistently sharing that purpose across all your marketing messages.

Pinpoint the “thing” you have that no one else does

You are competing with other real estate agents, all of whom can be found online. What sets you apart? Do you have deep expertise in certain types of properties? Are you a resident of the neighborhood in which you focus? Do you know the ins-and-outs of incredibly hot markets? Have you dealt with highly complex sales? That unique sales proposition is your hook. You want to make that clear in every piece of marketing material you put out there—whether it’s a brochure or a tweet.

Create a consistent brand experience

Once you have done all these steps and figured out your personal brand, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of consistency. You need a consistent tone and look across all your channels, from your sales material to your blog posts. From your headshot to your social media content. That consistency ensures that people know exactly with whom they are working. Share a bunch of inspirations and funny message on social media—and then be all business face-to-face—and you will look like a fraud.

That need for consistency is even in the details. The images, colors, fonts and other design elements you choose are a direct reflection of your brand. Not only do they need to be done well—but they need to be consistent across all your marketing elements.

Prove that you are who you say you are

Once you have put your personal brand out there, you must live up to it. Be the agent you’ve presented online. Work hard. Make your clients happy. When you do that, ask them to share their experiences with you with others. That’s how you build a great reputation, gain referrals, and continue to land new clients.

How Can We Help?

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