Behind the Scenes at Evielutions Design

My goal for 2020 was to be more transparent and open about my business. I’ve had a few questions during the past few weeks about how I started Evielutions and how I’ve made it a success. Today I’m answering a few of those questions to give you the chance to know me and Evielutions better. If you’d like to get to know me better including my favorite food, childhood nickname, and the thing I can’t live without check out my recent blog post  “21 Questions – Get to Know Me Better!”

Q: What makes your business unique?

I genuinely want to know my clients, how their business runs, and their goals. This gives me more leverage as to how I can truly help them create a brand that is timeless while being consistent and profitable.

Q: How do you personally define business success?

Success to me is being able to see the joy and happiness on my client’s face when a project is complete and to be able to drive down the street and see a logo I designed on the side of a truck. Success is being identified as a leader in my community, even though I feel I could be doing more. Success is having the freedom and flexibility to do the things you love and are passionate about.

Q: How did you learn graphic and web design?

Although my degree is in web design & multimedia, I’d say almost 100% of what I’ve learned has been self-taught and just from trial and error. I’m such a visual and hands-on person so reading books in school didn’t work for me.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love being able to see the joy and happiness on my client’s face when a project is complete.

Q: How do you address changes that your clients want made to a project?

I’m such a people pleaser that even though I have agreements in place that may specify things like “up to 3 revisions” or “changes must be made before buildout,” I still go above and beyond to ensure the client is happy. Sometimes it’s hard to stay within the terms as not only do I want my client to be pleased, I realize that sometimes things change once you are actually in a project.

Q: How do you find inspiration on what designs and colors to use for each client’s project?

I’m inspired by the conversation I have with the client during our initial consultation. That is where I discover their likes/dislikes and getting examples of each. Once I’ve gathered this information, I do research on the competitors and others in their industry to see how I can make my client stand out.

Q: Do you remember your first client? How did it feel when you completed the project?

Yes, my first client was ​Reverend LaJoyce Lawton of The Multitude Experience. I met her at one of my 1st few Cy-Fair Houston Chamber meetings back in 2010. I remember being super excited but nervous at the same time, hoping that I would complete her expectations. Her website was set up to book her ministry excursions. She ended up being a client for many years.

Q: How do you find new clients?

I mainly advertise my business by networking and utilizing my Cy-Fair Houston Chamber membership. I’m also a team lead on the Ambassador Committee, I volunteer within the community, and I love to stop into local businesses to introduce myself. A lot of my business is also referrals from current clients, which is the best. I am currently working on increasing my exposure by implementing digital marketing.

Q: Why is creating a brand for any business so important?

It is the essence of your business and what you do. To share it with the world, you carry it throughout your products or services, your marketing messaging, the look of your website and materials, and more. Without it, people are less inspired or motivated to do business with you or take you seriously as a real business.

Q: What services and products do you offer?

I help businesses be more effective by building websites that work FOR THEM! I love meeting with clients, hearing their stories, and how their business operates. My job is to understand their processes and see how I can make them more efficient by implementing functionality into their website to save them time, money, and be more productive. I can also develop a сuѕtоm buѕіnеѕѕ branding расkаgе bаѕеd оn their goals аnd needs.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who is getting ready to start their own business?

The sooner you have a brand strategy, the sooner you will solidify your purpose and begin fulfilling your brand promise. Once you fully understand who your target market is then you can create a strong brand that speaks to them and truly represents your business. The last thing you want to do is waste time and resources by having to go back and recreate everything, so it is important to really take your time and start off on a good foot.

Q: What tools, apps or software do you use to help make your job easier?

I love Quickbooks Online for invoicing, setting up recurring payments, running P&L reports, etc…, I use CoSchedule to create a content calendar and schedule all of my social media posts, I use Google Calendar to manage all of my appointments and default calendar (all of the tasks I have set for myself to do on a daily basis).

Q: What podcasts should every business owner listen to?

 Check out my recent blog post sharing all my favorite podcasts that will have a positive impact on your life as a business owner and in your everyday life too!

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