6 Tips to Keep Motivated as a Business Owner

I thought this would be a great subject to cover, especially during a time when the majority of people are working from home and learning to adapt to a new normal. It can be so hard to stay motivated as it is, especially when you’re running your own business. When you’re the boss, there is usually no one else there to hold you accountable, so it can be tough to keep going at times. Especially when you’re just starting out and trying to get your website up, product offerings finalized and looking to land your first customer or client.

I’m excited to share a few ways that I keep myself motivated when I don’t feel like working or am having a rough day. And I hope they’ll be able to help you too!

1.   Define Your Why

What made you decide to venture out on your own in the first place. Were you sick of working at a nine to five job, wanted the extra flexibility, or wanted to do something you were passionate about? Write down your why on a sticky note and post it somewhere that you’ll see it every day. A few great places include your mirror, fridge, or door. It’ll remind you why you choose to become a business owner and can serve as daily motivation to keep going.

2.   Set a Daily Schedule

Act as though it’s just another day at the office. Set a daily schedule beforehand and check your calendar first thing in the morning to see what projects you need to complete that day. I use Google Calendar to set a default calendar schedule. This is all of the things that I need to do on a weekly basis like phone call follow ups, spending an hour on education, learning something new etc. And then I have my handy dandy paper here scheduler that allows me to jot down the priority items I need to focus on each day

3.   Surround Yourself With a Great Support System

Whether a partner, family members, friends, or other business owners, have a few people you can reach out to regularly. It’s nice to have someone else who will hold you accountable and is willing to talk you through any problems you may be facing.

There are plenty of Facebook groups and other networks where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. You could set up a virtual coffee meet up where you check in with each other or simply spend a few hours working together over the phone, so you don’t feel so alone. It can definitely make all the difference in talking with someone who can relate to feeling a lack of motivation and helping each other through.

4.   Remember Your Past Accomplishments

It can be easy to get discouraged or feel a lack of motivation when you lose a business deal, have a client turn down your proposal, or something goes wrong with your website.

When you have a bad day, take some time to remember your most successful accomplishments. Remember how you felt when you finally achieved something you had worked so hard for. It’ll serve as a reminder that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and help you overcome the current hurdles you may be facing.

5.   Take Frequent Work Breaks

It can be hard to stay motivated when you work for long periods. It’s important to take regular breaks during the workday to stretch, walk around, and stay hydrated.

As a business owner, I understand it can be hard to find work-life balance with so many things to get done but do your best to make sure that you’re not making it impossible to stay motivated.

By giving yourself some time to watch a movie, scroll through social media, or go for a walk, you’ll be able to get back to work, feel refreshed, and be ready to knock out a few more projects.

6.   Set a New Goal

As your business grows, your goals will drastically change.

It’s important to take some time every few months to reevaluate your future goals, so see if you’re ready to make a change.

It can be easy to feel a lack of motivation if you no longer enjoy what you’re doing or feel like you’re not growing and progressing. Don’t be afraid to go out and try something new and exciting to shake things up a bit!

You Can Do This!

You work so hard to keep your business running daily, and it can be easy to lose the desire and motivation to move forward. However, by implementing a few of these simple tips, you’ll easily be able to find an extra boost of motivation to get you to the next big achievement that you’ve been working so hard for!

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