6 Awesome Business Apps to Boost Productivity

Running a business takes a ton of work, organization, and determination. But really, you have to be able to be productive every single day. To move the needle forward in your business, you need to be productive! One of my favorite ways to boost business productivity is using amazing free & paid apps. Saving money wherever you can when growing your business is so important, and these amazing free tools get the job done without having a price tag. In this blog post, I’ll go over seven of my favorite free business apps to help you be more productive. Let’s jump right into it!

Trello (Free & Paid Subscriptions)

Trello is an incredible way to manage your time and lay out all of your tasks and to-dos. You can create boards, lists, and cards for different projects so everything is organized. Then, every day, you can login to your Trello and see exactly what needs to be done and where different projects are at in being completed. Trello helps you stay organized and communicate with your team in real time. This helps your entire business be more productive. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a whole team to help you out, Trello will help you be organized and productive every single day. Oh, and when you refer other people to join Trello (which is free, don’t worry!) you’ll earn free months of Trello Gold, the premium version that typically costs money to use.

Canva (Free & Paid Subscriptions)

With Canva, you’re able to easily create graphics for your business, both for social media and other marketing projects. Canva has hundreds of templates for every type of graphic you could need. All you have to do to use a template is pick the one you want, replace the text, and replace the images, if you’d like. This makes graphic design super easy because you don’t have to do all of the work every single time—just plug in what works best for your business, and you’re ready to go.

pCloud (Paid Subscription)

pCloud lets you easily organize all of your documents in one convenient spot. You can access them across all of your devices (there’s a free mobile app available for your phone!) and can collaborate with others on documents in real time. I’m able to easily share files or folders with clients and even make them a collaborator. I really like the fact that the app automatically frees up space on my phone by uploading images/videos onto the cloud drive.

Zoom (Free & Paid Subscriptions)

Especially now, Zoom and other video collaborative tools are so important. Zoom lets you set up meetings with coworkers, team members, or clients. This saves you time spent going back and forth deliberating over email. Plus, Zoom helps alleviate some of the miscommunications that can happen during a phone call. You can even share your screen with the other people on a Zoom call or record the entire meeting to have a record of later.

Mailchimp (Free & Paid Subscriptions)

As a business owner, you are probably (and should be) focused on growing your email list. Unlike social media, which could disappear at any moment, your email list belongs entirely to you. Mailchimp helps you send regular, polished emails to your entire email list. This helps make it easy to grow!

CoSchedule (Paid)

Social media is one of your business superpowers, but it can be a huge drain on time and productivity. My team and I use CoSchedule which lets you manage your social media for great results. You can plan, create, and schedule your social media posts in advance, saving you time.

How do you boost your business productivity? Hopefully, these tried-and-true free apps will help you with all of your business productivity needs. You’ve got this!

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