5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your website doesn’t do you much good if people don’t visit it. Once you’ve made all the design choices, figured out the functionality, and worked out all the bugs, don’t stop there. Actively work to drive new traffic to your website.

Here are five of the best ways to do so:

Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is complex, so we can’t cover it all here, BUT it is critical, specifically because with proper SEO practices you rank higher on Google, which leads to higher traffic to your website.

The gist is this: You generate a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and that are likely to rank. Then you strategically place them in your web copy and content.

We highly recommend you work with an SEO expert, and specifically a strong copywriter who can integrate the keywords in a natural way. At the very least, spend some time learning the nuances of SEO.

Use email marketing—wisely

By most standards, email is still one of—if not the top—way to market your products and services. Of course, to drive traffic to your website, you need a clean, accurate email list. You can purchase a list, or build one internally, by capturing email addresses. For example, you could offer free content or coupons in exchange for an email address.

One you have the list available, the next step is to write compelling copy that resonates with your audience and encourages them to learn more.

Produce exceptional content

Content provides you with a place to put all those keywords, so it is valuable for SEO—and driving organic traffic to your website. Additionally, if the content is high value and high quality, people engage with it, they come back to read new content, and they share it with people.

However, produce low-quality, poorly written, overly promotional copy, and people won’t bother to visit your website again.

Become a thought leader on social media

LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest offer you the perfect platform to engage with your audience. For Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can share short tips and blogs, link to larger assets, promote events or sales, host contest and giveaways, and run surveys or polls. On Instagram you can share photos of your product, happy customers or your office. Or you can create a YouTube channel, where you post business-relevant videos.

Regardless where you post, make sure you are sharing worthwhile content and engaging with your followers. And in every-single-thing you share, include links and a strong Call to Action that drives people back to your website.

Exchange content with people

Write guest posts for industry blogs or publications, or invite people in your industry to guest post on your blog and then promote it to their followers. It’s standard operating procedure to include backlinks to websites within the Call to Action, so you can gain some exposure to new people. Even better if you can connect with an industry influencer who has clout and a big following. While some influencers expect a fee to promote your business, others will be happy to help a peer.

Most critical, however, is that once customers come to your website, don’t immediately drive them away with a ugly design or poor functionality. Ensure your website is well-designed, user-friendly—and that it makes the best possible impression on newcomers.

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