5 Top Reasons to Build Your Website on WordPress

When you hear the word “WordPress,” your mind might immediately think “blogging platform.” However, WordPress isn’t just for blogs. It has evolved into an impressive website builder and content management system (CMS) that even some of the biggest brands in the world—like Disney and Microsoft—use.

Why do so many leading organizations trust WordPress to power their most important marketing tool—their website? And why should you do the same? For these five awesome reasons:

It’s free

WordPress is a free software that you can download, install, use and customize to create any type of website, totally for free. One caveat: You do need to purchase a domain name and web hosting. Still, the value you receive is pretty remarkable.

It’s top of the line

It may be free, but it isn’t lacking, offering beauty and functionality that will rival any website builder.

It’s super intuitive and easy to use

You don’t need technical or web design skills to set it up, use and manage it. You can install it in minutes, literally with the click of a button.

Working within WordPress is easy as well, and designing your website can be as simple as picking a theme and going with it. WordPress even offers recommendations to help you on your way. The platform tells you when updates are required, and the dashboard makes it easy for you to update plugins and control what your website visitors see.

It’s fully customizable

You can truly make your website your own. WordPress offers hundreds of themes and a long list of plugins that provide features, such as gallery options, contact forms, shopping carts and more. The built-in media uploader makes it easy to integrate images, audio and video files, too.

Plus, you can upgrade your service to a paid version and gain advanced customization and themes, additional storage space, and other business tools.

It’s scalable

WordPress is highly scalable—able to serve tens of thousands of users at a time and deliver hundreds of millions of monthly page views—which is probably why so many huge brands use it.

As your business grows, you can rest assured WordPress can keep up.

So, if you are developing your first website or redoing an existing one, WordPress is a top choice among even the highest-caliber web designers.

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