4 Simple Ways to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Website

Social media is such a powerful tool for your business! When you integrate social media with your website, you give your audience the opportunity to engage with your brand in deeper, exciting ways.

Especially since integration can be done in a bunch of simple and easy ways, you should consider working on this for your business.

Social media integration helps you offer visitors opportunities to share your content, promote your products or services for you, and visit your website more frequently.

Why Should You Focus On Social Media Integration?

With integration, you can blend together your social media accounts and your website content to create a uniform, seamless, and connected digital experience.

When you do this, your social media drives increased traffic to your website, and your website helps boost the meaningful connections you form with customers.

Plus, you’re able to repurpose and reuse content to maximize your impressions along the way.

With social media integration, you use your social media to extend your marketing strategy in both directions. You both direct your social media to your website and incorporate your social media into your website.

There are lots of benefits to social media integration, like boosting your brand awareness, traffic, and reach. You can encourage your customers to actually interact with your content, and build a bigger platform on your social channels.

With businesses moving online more than ever before, it’s time to set yourself up for success by fully integrating your website and social media.

4 Strategies to Weave Together Social Media and Your Website

Now that you understand how important social media integration is, let’s dive into some specific strategies to actually put this into practice for your business.

Let’s promote your brand and increase your online presence with a few easy steps!

Create Unique Social Media Icons or Buttons

Making sure to link your social profiles on your website is a super easy way to integrate your social media.

When you link your social media accounts to your website, you let users quickly navigate to whatever their favorite networks are to learn more about your company, follow you, and engage on a platform they already enjoy.

Plus, it offers a convenient and trustworthy way to contact your business with ease. Lots of people are most comfortable interacting on social media, so linking it on your website offers an alternative contact method.

Create custom Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram logos for your business that align with your branding. Hiring a designer for this is the best way to go, but if you can’t afford it right now, scroll through Google after searching for the logo and a color. You might be surprised at what you find!

Make Sure Your Blog Includes Social Sharing Buttons

This is another easy way to promote your content and spread the word about your business. Include social media sharing buttons at the bottom or top of blog posts and website content.

This allows visitors to seamlessly share your content without even needing to open another tab or app.

Just remember to keep things simple—don’t include every platform. Instead, focus on those that are most relevant to your brand and your audience. Remember to only add these buttons on shareable content (don’t just drop them in everywhere).

Add An Instagram Gallery

Adding an Instagram gallery adds texture and color to your website and helps you drive visitors to your social media.

Especially when you add testimonials and customer photos to that grid, you’re going to demonstrate social proof and entice customers to try things for themselves.

You can even set up custom feeds based on hashtags!

Make Sure to Link To Your Website On Your Social Accounts

This is an incredibly important point: make sure that your social media accounts all link back to your website! Ultimately, your website is your biggest sales person, so drive all of your traffic to your website.

With these easy social media integration techniques, you’ll give your audience the opportunity to engage with your brand in new ways.

Which of these tips will you try first on your website?

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