4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Logo

Do you think your logo doesn’t matter—that much? Think again. Your logo visually tells the story of your business and brand. Are you a cutting-edge tech company? Or a time-tested family-run business? Fun or serious? Informal or formal? Modern or vintage? Creative or regulation-oriented?

The color, font and images you choose for your logo all play a part in visually representing your organization and offering people a taste of who you are as a business.

It is one of—if not the first—thing people notice and remember. What’s more important is that you’re likely going to be stuck with it for a while. You can’t just change your logo on a whim.

Given just how important your logo is, it’s probably not the best task for an amateur designer. Still, if you aren’t convinced you need a professional designer to do the work for you, consider the following:

You have too many choices

Sounds great, right? Not really. First, you have to choose from several types of logos, but that’s just the start of it. There is a mind-boggling array of fonts, colors, icons and more you will have to weed through before you find a combination that works for your business.

With a professional designer, you can simply explain what you think you want, and they’ll mock up lots of options until you land on one that you love.

DIY designers tend to forget about versatility

You are going to be putting this logo on everything you create. It needs to look as good on a webpage as it does if you shrink it down on a business card or blow it up on a billboard. For example, too busy logos usually don’t look good when rendered small.

Designers understand resolution, scale, sizes, and proportion and can ensure you can use the logo anywhere and on anything.

Color is very tricky

You can’t just pick your favorite color and call it a day. Color evokes feelings in consumers, and if you choose the wrong color or color combination, you could turn people off. Color theory is critical when it comes to developing a logo that represents your business. For example, in color theory, orange represents “enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation,” whereas blue represents “tranquility and calmness.”

Any designer worth his or her weight understands color theory and, specifically, how it has the power to impact sales and marketing efforts. Designers can offer insight on which colors best match your business, and they can also offer feedback regarding how the color will look in print and online.

Business owners can become very attached to ideas

It’s easy to become attached to a concept or idea. After all, it’s your business, and you are emotionally invested. However, many ideas, in theory, don’t work in real life. You may love an image, font or color scheme. However, if it doesn’t clearly convey your brand—and if it doesn’t appeal to consumers—it’s ill-conceived.

Designers don’t become personally attached, so they see a bit more clearly. They will create something that appeals to the masses, rather than just to you.

Bottom line: Everybody wants to save money. However, DIYing your logo creation is probably not the best way to save a buck. It’s just too important to your brand.

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