4 Reasons to Update Your Business Card and 5 Ways to Make it Stand Out

In this technology-driven world, you may be tempted to forgo a business card altogether, and instead, choose to connect with people digitally. Don’t. Here’s why printed business cards will never go out of style:


They make you more memorable

Looking a person in the eye, smiling and handing over your business card creates a connection people remember.


They offer an easy way to exchange information fast—with everyone

You can’t guarantee everyone you meet will be on LinkedIn or willing to exchange information digitally, but you can hand everyone a business card.


Many people still expect you to have one

If you don’t, you can look unprofessional, especially if someone hands you his or her card, and you can’t reciprocate.


Your card says a lot about you

A well-designed card stands out and offers contacts insight about who you are. Business cards allow you to reinforce your brand—not only the brand of your organization but also your personal brand.

If you don’t have a business card at all—or yours is a little boring—check out these ideas to make it something people won’t forget:


Don’t ignore the back of the card

It’s a great place to add more information without making the card look too cluttered. Include a short business description or benefits of working with you.


Add a testimonial

People value testimonials from happy customers. Include a short, snappy statement and the name of the customer to boost your credibility.


Present a special offer

If applicable, offer a discount, coupon, or free product or service to encourage people to hold on to your card


Include an image of you

People will be able to put a face with a name, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when you follow up later. Steer clear of the predictable headshot, and choose an image of you working, receiving an award, talking to a customer or doing something that offers some insight into your personality.


List social media handles

That encourages people to follow you so that you can stay connected with them. Just make sure if you do list an account, you are regularly updating it.

With the right designer, you can include several of these eye-catching items on your business card—and make it something people hold on to. Learn more about our graphic design services now.

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