4 Important Tips for Growing Your Email List

Growing your email list is essential to boosting your business! It’s one of the few marketing platforms that you actually own. Your email list is a powerful way to boost your business income, send customer updates, connect on a more personal level, and it’s affordable! Clearly, there are tons of benefits to growing your email list, but how do you actually go about doing it? I’m sharing four (stress-free) tips for growing your email list.

1. Use Lead Magnets 

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer that draws in your ideal customers. Basically, you serve them an offer, freebie, or resource in exchange for their contact information (email address). To get the freebie, the interested person has to give you their email address, which helps you grow your list. When you create a lead magnet, make sure that it provides true value. No one will stay subscribed to your list if the resource they receive is useless or full of fluffy information!

2. Segment Your Email List 

Segmenting means splitting your email list into specific groups. This lets you send the most relevant information to different members of your list. The more targeted the emails you’re sending, the more they will lead to clicks and conversions.

3. Promote Your List on Social Media 

You can drive people from your social media following to join your email list in many different ways. Consider running a giveaway contest where joining your email list is an entry. Make sure to add call-to-actions (CTAs) to your social posts (always!) but consider adding in CTAs for your email list as well. Use a service like Linktree to add multiple links to your bio, and make sure that one is an email list landing page!

4. Add CTAs For Your Email List Within Your Blog Posts 

Your website’s blog is a great spot to encourage people to join your email list! Add different opt-ins on your blog post, such as in the middle and at the end. You can also link to your lead magnets within your blog posts, which automatically will help grow your email list! CTAs help drive your audience to where you want them to go, so make sure to include CTAs on all of your blog posts. 

Working every day to grow your email list is essential for growing your business! Hopefully, these tips will help drive people to join your email list, which will help you reach your goals long-term. Branded emails will help build trust and brand awareness, too! Which of these tips will you focus on implementing today? 

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