4 Essentials Of Every Money-Making Site

Collecting prospect information

Information is currency in the age of the web. Collecting information from your site visitors not only opens up opportunities for follow-up marketing but it allows you to tailor your advertising and website to meet their needs. Social media logins allows you to collect a great deal of personal information. An email sign-up form is a really simple way to continuously market your product.

Landing Pages – Your Online Sales Pitch

Chances are your customers come in many flavors. Some are ready to buy now. Some are just looking for more information. Creating a variety of landing pages allows you to tailor your marketing the same way you would a sales pitch. To learn more on implementing this strategy, I strongly recommend the book Convert Every Click by Benji Rabhan.

Make Your Website A Content Superstore

Organic search is a growing referral source for all businesses. Yet most people search the web to find information, not to make a purchase. Hosting a blog or content valuable to prospect not only increasing your online presence but gives visitors a reason to return to your site.

Embedding Facebook SDK on your webpage

This does two things. It allows your business to collect a wide range of information about your prospect. Secondly, Facebook SDK makes sure your website is social-friendly. If a prospect wants to share your content or website on Facebook, their SDK scripts ensures that your link is aesthetically pleasing and takes advantage of all the space allocated to shared links on the web.

How Evielutions Design helps:

Evielutions Design builds websites using WordPress, a comprehensive content management system. WordPress allows clients to easily customize and add content to their websites without a background in web development.

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